line policy

line policy

COVID-19 Update

From September 30th, we will be back to scooping cookie dough just as you all love! As of now, we are not allowing in-door seating and only 5 customers are allowed in the store at once. We ask that everyone abide by the 6 feet apart signs. Everyone that enters MUST be wearing a mask. You can find our updated hours and menu here.

yay! no more line! 

Well, usually at least! When it's a super nice day... and a weekend or a holiday, sometimes there will be a short line. Don't worry! It moves fast, and is worth the wait!

If there is a line, out of respect for our neighbors, if the line extends past the exterior of our shop, we move it across the street (yes, on the Northeast corner of Laguardia and W. 3rd Street). The line is SINGLE FILE - so that pedestrians can still use the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you the current status of the line, as it is always changing, so please do not call and ask. Besides, you are calling our office, which is NOT the store, so we don't know anyways!

When the line is across the street, you will get a ticket in the front of the line, which will be collected at the door. You will not be served unless you have a ticket. The only way to get a ticket, unfortunately, is to stand in line. The color of the ticket changes daily, so it is in your best interest not to purchase tickets of any kind.

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Have a DŌlicous Day!