image of holiday cookie dough taster party pack

holiday edible cookie dough taster party pack

holiday edible cookie dough taster party pack

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We've got double the fun with a combo pack of our holiday classic and holiday fan-favorite, safe-to-eat flavors!

  • Each Holiday Edible Cookie Dough Taster Party pack includes 18 taster jar containers, three of each flavor.
  • Each cookie dough-filled jar weighs approximately 2 oz.

holiday classics

  • signature chocolate chip – signature + chocolate chips
  • Brookie Dough - signature chocolate chip and brownie batter swirled together
  • sugar cookie – sugar cookie topped with rainbow sanding sugar 

holiday favorites

  • Snowflake Cake Batter - cake batter + white chips + chocolate chips + winter sprinkles
  • Candy Cane Oreo - signature peppermint + oreo pieces
  • Maple Snickerdoodle - maple sugar cookie + cinnamon sugar
  • This package contains pre-determined, safe-to-eat cookie dough flavors. No substitutions accepted.

Use and Care

  • Eat this cookie dough as-is (yay!), mix it into your favorite ice cream, or make a fresh batch of cookies!
  • Cookie dough should be stored in the fridge (3 weeks) or freezer (3 months).
  • Bake chilled spoonfuls of our edible cookie dough at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until your desired done-ness. Let cool & enjoy!


  • Please click on flavor (above) for ingredients and additional information.
  • Please note – All items are made in the same facility and may contain wheat, peanuts, nuts, eggs, milk, and soy.
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