Customize Your Own Multi-Pack



Can't decide? We know... it's a tough decision with so many irresistible options. Customize a multi-pack and taste a variety!


2 Pack

choose any (2) 8oz flavors

4 pack

choose any (4) 8oz flavors

6 pack

choose any (6) 8oz flavors

Build Your Own Assortment

Choose from our 16oz and 32oz options! Pick original, gluten-free or vegan once you click on the flavor!


The Classics

The classic flavors that you know and love! These time-honored recipes have been perfected and the results are irresistible!

sIGNATURE Chocolate Chip

signature +
chocolate chips

Chocolate Chocolate

double chocolate +
chocolate chips

                           Sugar Cookie

sugar cookie topped
with sugar

Oatmeal M&M

oatmeal + M&Ms + chocolate chips

                           Peanut Butter

peanut butter topped
with nuts


straight up signature


Signature Combinations

Our classic flavors with a twist! We've added some of our favorite mix-ins including candy, cookies, sprinkles and more!


Chocolate dream

brownie batter + oreo
cookies + chocolate


sugar cookie +
 cinnamon sugar


signature + hershey bar + 
toasted marshmallows + 
graham crackers


peanut butter + dark
chocolate chips + 
marshmallow fluff

nuts for nuts

peanut butter + reese’s
cups + reese’s pieces

Trail mix

oatmeal + M&Ms + 
chocolate chips + 
pretzels + sea salt

Salty & Sweet

sugar cookie + salted
caramel + dark chocolate chips + sea salt


signature + sprinkles + 
white chips + chocolate chips


sugar cookie + nutella + 
chocolate chips + 
caramel bits + sea salt


Seasonal Favorites

We are constantly inventing unique and yummy flavors that are delectably delicious! These are must-try flavors that won't be around for long!

peppermint brownie

brownie batter + white chips + peppermint candies

winter wonDŌland

sugar cookie + sprinkles + white chips

holiday cake batter

cake batter + sprinkles + white chips + chocolate chips


Guilt-Free Cookie Dough

Looking for a healthy cookie dough alternative? These options are completely butter, dairy, grain and guilt-free! But trust us — they don't sacrifice on flavor!



naturally gluten-free and dairy-free

breakfast banana chocolate chip

naturally gluten-free and vegan

peanut butter chickpea

naturally gluten-free and vegan

More Fun Stuff!

Grab some other sweet goodies while you're at it! 


Other must-haves!

We've got you covered for all occasions!


Don't forget your pup!

Cookie cake

8x8 Cookie serves 9 people




Now you can wear your love for cookie dough loud and proud!