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New Year, New Gluten-Free Flavors

Image of gluten-free pack

You wanted more variety in our gluten-free selections, and we listened! We're so excited to premiere our first-ever gluten-free 4-pack

4 Gluten-Free Flavors, 1 Edible Cookie Dough Pack

The gluten-free pack features Cake Batter, Brookie Dough, Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle, and Signature Chocolate Chip in 8oz containers. Brookie Dough and Cake Batter are two of our most popular flavors in the shop and online and we don't want our gluten-free customers to miss out on the fun. 

Why is it so important to offer the best of the best as a gluten-free option? 

Our founder, Kristen Tomlan, is gluten-free! After years of battling stomach problems and endless sinus infections she worked with a doctor and found that the gluten-free lifestyle was the answer. Obviously, her first thought was, what will I do with my sweet tooth?! 

She experimented with gluten-free baking (and unbaking 😉) and after tons of testing, she found the recipe for cookie, cake, and confection success! Her original formulas are still used in our gluten-free cookie doughs (that bake into perfectly puffed cookies) today. 

This 4-pack ships nationwide and all four gluten-free flavors are available at our flagship shop. We also have a gluten-free flavor at each of our pop-ups and festival events.

Let us know if you try one of our new flavors by tagging us on Instagram @cookiedonyc