Make Your Own Painted Mixer Bowl (Like The Ones In Our Shop!)

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One of my favorite elements from the interior of the shop is the line of colorful mixers across the back. They’re the perfect colors for the brand and the perfect size for the shelf. How does everything fit together so perfectly?! Well because I painted the mini mixers myself!  

KitchenAid makes their signature mixers in array of pretty colors but none matched up to the interior of my shop just right. So I took matters into my own hands and it turns out it’s surprisingly easy to paint these mixers.  

Step 1: Pick your perfect paint color. Make sure the paint is specifically formulated for stainless steel so it will cling to the bowl in an even layer. (Look for “stainless steel” on the label of the paint.) 

Step 2: Tape it off! I love the thick metallic line across the top of my bowls. It shows that, yes, this is a real KitchenAid bowl without adding too much metal to my decor. I used three-inch painters tape to tape around the outside of the rim.  

Step 3: Protect your painting space. I always paint mixing bowls outside on the grass, it makes kneeling easier and if I do get a little paint on the grass, it will be cut soon enough. I like to lay down a large piece of cardboard so there is no risk of it folding up and sticking to my bowl. If you’re painting on a porch or driveway be sure that your cardboard is nice and big so you don’t accidentally leave a permanent mark from your crafting.  

Step 4: Paint! Turn your bowl upside down on the cardboard so no color ends up on the inside. Then get to painting! Three coats of spray paint is the perfect amount for a KitchenAid bowl. It’s enough for an even finish but not so much that your color looks cakey.  

Step 5: Dry and Display. It usually takes about eight hours for the bowls to fully dry. I like to leave them out in the sun so I don’t have to worry about getting paint on anything. Once the paint is fully set they are ready to display. The paint is not dishwasher safe, so these bowls are made for decoration, not baking projects.  

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