The Inside Scoop: Master Class with Dana Pollack of Dana's Bakery


It’s Master class recap time! This time around with my gal pal Dana Pollack, the creative force behind Dana’s Bakery. 

Dana’s Bakery has been a favorite of mine for years long before I ever met AND became friends with Dana. When I had the chance to not only meet her but collaborate with her for the first time in 2016 I was (and still am) SHOOK.

Image of the masterclass

If you follow her on social media (and you should) she’s just as funny, entertaining, sweet and genuine IRL as she appears on the screen. As soon as we started the Master class series I knew she would be the perfect teacher and she's finally here!


We had a really kick-ass time making…(drumroll please) her insta-famous Rainbow Black & White Cookies!!!!!! Plus, we had the most creative group of participants, which makes a class that much better.


If you’re unfamiliar, Dana put an innovative spin on a New York classic and made the traditional Black & White Cookie more photogenic than ever by making it colorful (and gluten-free!). She hasn’t shared her recipes, but the lucky group at the class got a very special treat!

Dana walked us step-by-step through the recipe. Her secrets included lots of buttermilk, a hint of lemon extract, and GEL (and I repeat ONLY gel) food coloring! Everybody in the class got to make their own color combo; some chose full-on rainbow, some went more galaxy themed, and others used a few of their favorite colors! It didn’t matter the color because these cookies are DELISH. We iced them, topped them with sprinkles, and even got the famous “break open” shot of the whole group opening their cookies to reveal their beautiful inside!

Image of people holding rainbow cookies

I’m craving more already…

Plus, this class benefited (RED), an organization Dana has worked with for years, and a charity we can all agree is pretty sweet!

Follow the bakery on Insta @danasbakery or Dana herself @danaloia. And check back for us to announce our next Masterclass!

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