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We kicked off all of the cookbook craziness a couple weeks ago (Oct 10 to be exact) by making a fan-favorite recipe from Hello, Cookie Dough. This specific recipe had a very special ingredient: Rosé! It was the perfect opportunity for a Master Class with one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE wineries - Wölffer Estate.

If you have my cookbook, flip to the Rosé All Day Recipe (p 134) to see how much I gush all about my love for Wölffer wine and specifically their Summer in a Bottle Rosé! (And if you don't you can order one now!)

Well, the month of October, we featured my Rosé All Day flavor in both of our NYC stores and made it available to order online! The flavor is essentially a twist on the classic combination of strawberries and cream, but we infuse Wölffer Estate Rosé INTO the cookie dough!

Yes, two of my favorite things in one place. Rosé and cookie dough, the perfect combination! Which is why the Master Class was really, really fun.

Everyone in the class got to help make the recipe, which has a number of components including:

  • Dehydrated strawberries
  • A strawberry rose reduction
  • My sugar cookie dough
  • Whipped white chocolate ganache

In between each step of the process, we did a Rosé tasting (naturally). Wölffer Estate has so many Rosé options that there were more than enough to taste after each step was finished!

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We started with the Estate Rosé, then the Rosé Cider, then the Finca Rosé, and lastly the Summer in a Bottle (which, sold out months ago, but I somehow shockingly had one extra bottle in my personal collection that I donated to the very important Rosé tasting cause).

Needless to say, the class very happily left full of cookie dough and wine with some treats to take home for later. Thank you Emily Ely from Wölffer Estate for bringing all the drinkable goodies (plus more for the gift bags), and for teaching us about the winery and wines we enjoyed!!

To get the full recipe for Rosé All Day, order my cookbook, Hello, Cookie Dough wherever you get your cookbooks

Oh, and 25% of each ticket for the class went to the WONDERFUL charity known for fighting poverty in NYC - The Robinhood Foundation!


Stay tuned for details on our next class! Plus, you have a few more days to order our Rose All Day flavor for Nationwide Shipping!!

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