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The AcaDŌmy Has Everything You Need to Know About Cookie Dough


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The very first post in “Cookie Dough 101” just hadddd to be about the absolute best way to learn how to make cookie dough, and that is at DŌ!  

We teach a handful of classes every month where we take a small group of “students” through every step of making, and then baking, our signature doughs.  

The class always has less than 15 people in it so instructors can come around and check on everyone to make sure the dough is coming out just perfect. From showing you exactly what “beat until light and fluffy” looks like to helping you to stop the mixer when something is “well combined” so many cookie dough myths get cleared up this way!  

We have special classes for kids with easy to make and easy to understand recipes. Our special classes for adults are BYOB because making cookie dough is all about relaxing and unwinding.  

If you have a specific vision for a class, let us know! We hold special classes like “Brookie Dough Making” and “Cookie Monster for Kids” and we also hold private events that can become the cookie dough class of your dreams. 

You’ll leave class with two 8oz containers of dough and a box of cookies so you’ll be happy with your new cookie dough expertise and your family, office mates, or even your doorman, will be happy that you have enough goodies to go around!  

We’re always adding new dates right here on the AcaDŌmy page. See you soon!  

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