This Small Purchase Will Make Your Cookies SO Much Better

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When it comes to cookies, there is so much equipment to consider: How will you mix them? Which cookie sheet should you use? Do you need liquid AND dry measuring cups? How will this all fit in the dishwasher?! 

You know I wouldn't add to this pile of dirty dishes unless it was for a very good reason. So believe me when I tell you, you need a cookie scoop. 

This tool does so much for your final product. When you use a cookie scoop to scoop dough every cookie comes out shaped perfectly. This doesn't just mean your cookies look Insta' ready, it also means they all cook evenly. No big under done cookies or small crunchy cookies just round cookies with a chewy center for a whole batch. 

The dome shape of the cookie scoop ensures that cookies spread consistently so they end up thick and flat instead of lopsided or with a mound in the center. 

My favorite scoop for using at home is the OXO #40 (from Target or Amazon). It scoops 1 1/2 tablespoons of dough for cookies that are big enough to have a chewy center but still small enough that I have to have two or three to really call it dessert.

Do you already use a cookie scoop? Or do you want to try one now? Tell me what you think on Instagram at @cookiedonyc!  

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