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Cookie Dough & Cocktail Pairing 101

I’m sorry HOW is it already Labor Day Weekend? Geeze 2021!! Our ideal way to spend this long weekend is with a cocktail in one hand and a container of cookie dough in the other. Maybe you’re at the beach, maybe hosting a BBQ, or maybe just enjoying the cold A/C from the comfort of your couch, but regardless of the scenario, we hope you too are enjoying a perfect cocktail/cookie dough combo!  Here are a few of our fave pairings (and summer cocktail recipes too!)

If you’re drinking a Classic Marg, go ahead and stick with the OGs and grab yourself some Sugar Cookie. There’s something about the salty rim of a fresh-squeeze margarita that pairs perfectly with the crunch of the sugar-coating on our forever favorite Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough. Bottom’s up!

If you’re more of G&T kinda gal (or guy), Cake Batter cookie dough is the sidekick you didn’t know you needed in your life until now! Gin and white chocolate are a match-made in heaven (plus, sprinkles bring the party). The sweetness of the white chocolate will bring out the floral notes of the gin, making sure that you slug that drink even faster than normal! 

Ok, ok. Maybe you’re not messing around this weekend and you’re going straight for the Espresso Martini. If that’s your jam, go ahead and snag some Chocolate Dream. The mix of the brownie batter base and Oreo cookie pieces will essentially make it taste like you’re sipping on a cookies & cream iced mocha from Starbucks. A dangerously delicious combo (we know from experience!)

If you’re the one who is known to hang out by the cooler of ice cold beer, you can go ahead and ask someone to pass you the Nuts for Nuts. It’s the salty-peanut-buttery (and chocolate) goodness that will remind you of sitting at the ballpark snacking on a bag of peanuts and your $15 brew. Which is arguably our favorite summer-time activity! Bring on the ballpark vibes this LDW!

It’s spritz season, you say? You are dreaming about a vaca on the Italian coastline? Same! But you’re still *attempting* to limit travel? UGH! Sooo an entire pitcher of Aperol Spritz is the only answer TBH. WIth your aperitif, go ahead and grab a Salty & Sweet cookie dough to snack on. There’s something about the balance of the sugar base with the bitterness of the dark chocolate and the salty/sweet combo of the homemade salted caramel sauce that is just right. Soon that pitcher and cookie dough will be gone, and we'll go back to daydreaming (sigh). But until then...

We’re on the spiked seltzer train these days, HBU? Highnoon, Truly, White Claw… we don’t really discriminate (although, if we could get our hands on some Spindrift Spiked, we might take a stance). Just go ahead and grab a Gimme S’more already. It channels the most classic summer-time dessert, and that creamy milk-chocolate and toasted marshmallow goo will go with any flavor of seltzer you happen to grab. I’m drooling already...

Don’t get me wrong… We’re #basic and proud and “Rose All Day” is often our motto. So get yourself a chilled glass of pink wine and a spoonful of DunkaDOo. That 90’s nostalgia will make you exponentially happier! Ribbons of vanilla frosting, sprinkle dust, cinnamon graham pieces? Need I say more? The sweetness will bring out the fruity nature of the wine, allowing your tastebuds to savor the strawberry and cherry notes, while the dry, crispness will help balance it all out and wash it right down. 

So are you going to choose what you’re drinking based on the cookie dough flavor you have? Or is it the other way around? What do you think of these combos? If you have any more to share… we’d love to see them! Tag us @cookiedonyc! And remember, be safe. Drink responsibly. Enjoy your long weekend!