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To celebrate the release of our new baking mixes, one lucky reader will win the ult-DŌ-mate kitchen collection filled with my, @kristentomlan’s, favorite things. To win the prize of 15+ items including a KitchenAid mixer, all three of our baking mixes, a stylish apron, and more (a $625 value!) simply visit this Instagram post and follow two easy steps.


Each item in Kristen’s Kitchen was specifically selected to make cookies the very best they can be! See everything you'll win (and why) below. 

Measuring Spoons & Measuring Cups - ($14.95 & $28)  

Measurements are key when it comes to baking, each ingredient has a specific function and too much or too little of just one thing can ruin a whole batch. These measuring spoons and cups will give you precise amounts while looking cute in your kitchen.

image of brownie batter, sugar cookie and chocolate chip baking mixes

Our Baking Mixes - $45

Three of our top-selling cookie dough flavors can now be made in your home! Sugar Cookie with colorful sugar sprinkles (the exact ones we use at DŌ), Signature Chocolate Chip packed full of semisweet chocolate chips, and indulgent fudgy Brownie Batter come ready to mix.

Kristen Tomlan Mixer

KitchenAid Mini Mixer - $199.99

Speaking of mixing, I always suggest getting the power of a real KichtenAid motor behind your baking projects. It wouldn’t be a dream kitchen without a stand mixer!

Rolling Pin - $14.99

Marble rolling pins have a special super power: you can chill them to keep doughs of all kinds cool and easy to work with. This one from target is my favorite, nice and heavy but still functional and easy to store. Say goodbye to the days of the butter separating out of your pie dough!

Kristen Tomlan Apron

Oven Mitt & Apron - $14 & $99

Keeping your hands and clothes safe in the kitchen is important, but you don’t need to go with drab colors or standard designs. I love these two from Anthropologie they will keep you cute and clean for any baking project.

Kristen Tomlan Spatula

The DŌ Spatula - $12 

This seems like a basic tool, but I’ve run into spatula debacles my entire cookie-making life. From a spatula that melted into my caramel sauce to one with a plastic handle that literally gave me stirring blisters, I never found a spatula that I loved, so I designed my own. It has heat resistant head and a tapered wooden handle, it’s sturdy but light and it’s used on every batch of dough at our shop and popups!


Cooling Rack - $29.95

A wire rack like this will give you the ideal air circulation around the cookie, so it cools evenly and more importantly - quickly. Letting cookies cool will give you a chewy crust with a gooey center and just-soft chips.

Baking Sheet & Parchment sheets - $24.95 & $22.95

For the ideal cookie you need a sheet that heats evenly and are heavy enough to resist warping without being to heavy and burning your cookie bottoms. This OXO Baking Sheet lined with parchment is my go-to for any kind of cookie!

Kristen Tomlan Mixing Bowl

Mixing Bowls with Lid  - $39.95

These mixing bowls have spouts on the end for easy pour of batters, liquid ingredients, and one of my favorite things, melted butter! They’re the perfect shape to hold onto when folding mix-ins into cookie dough and they even have a lid so you can store the whole bowl in the fridge.

Kristen Tomlan Candle

Candle - $29.95

You kitchen will smell amazing while you’re baking our make-at-home mixes and this candle (that’s reminiscent of your grandma’s kitchen) will make sure it smell amazing the rest of the time too.

Cookie Jar- $39

When the baking’s all finished, you need to store your cookies somewhere (if you have any leftovers that is!), so why not make storage sleek with this cookie jar from West Elm.

Those are the goods! Now go enter on this post before January 3! 

Official rules:
Entrants must be 18 years of age or older and live in the continental U.S. One (1) winner will be chosen at random on January 3, 2019 and will be contacted via Instagram direct message. It is up to the winner to provide a correct shipping address within the continental U.S. in a timely manner. Prizes can not be shipped to a PO Box. Prizes are not valid for resale or substitution. The giveaway is not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram in any way. 

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