Our Favorite Dogs to Follow on Instagram


When things get frigid and frosty outside there is nothing like pics of fuzzy pups to warm your heart (unfortunately will not warm your hands!). We're lucky to be able to foster dogs from time to time at DŌ headquarters. But when you can't have a doggo of your own to hang out with these fluffy influencers are the next best thing.

Popeye the Foodie Dog

Popeye brings two of our favorite things together indulgent dishes a cute rescue dog. His cockeyed ears are his signature look and some days...he eats better than we do! 

Pavlov The Corgie 

Speaking of freezing temps Pavlov lives on the beach and keeps the summer vibes going for us all year long. Sometimes when I'm on the subway dreading going back out into the winter cold, I scroll through Pavlov's feed. The best days are when he brings his friends down to the ocean! 


Dogs in Food 

Like I said you can not beat the combo of food and pups. This account finds smiling puppers in the most unexpected places...like on the end of a sausage link. Perfect to follow if you need to laugh a little more. 

Manny the Frenchy 

If you're in the world of Instagram dogs, Manny has crossed your feed a time or two. He has an unstoppable smile and whether he's planning a pool pawty or dressing up in themed outfits he is a constant delight. No wonder he has more than 1 million followers! 


Harlow and Sage

Originally named for two dogs this account is now full of fosters and new pups. The best thing is the photos of how they all cuddle when they sleep together. I will never understand how their mom gets them to pose like this, but luckily I don't have to, I can just enjoy the cuddles. 



Pooch of NYC 

This little guy lives in our city. His endless collection of glasses and "love" of wine keep us following...and giggling.



Norbert the Dog 

Is there anything more picturesque than this tiny tongue? Norbert keeps his tongue game strong and has a big brother that's a golden retriever that graces his feed from time to time!



Let us know what dogs you follow! (Can you ever have enough??) Send us a dm @cookiedonyc to show us the cuteness that fills your feed

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