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Another successful National Cookie Dough Day in the books! We definitely felt the love, and had so much fun celebrating with all those who stopped by our store, ordered online, entered our giveaways, or even just stayed home and indulged in a cup of cookie dough. We rounded up some of our favorite brands who are just as obsessed with cookie dough as us - because everyone needs to treat themselves every now and then. 

Funny Face Bakery

If you need some cookies that will have your friends talking for days - Funny Face Bakery is the place to go. With cookies in all different shapes and designs, you MIGHT have a hard time picking your favorite. With endless options to choose from on their website, you can also send in custom orders and have a cookie designed especially for you. We couldn’t help but try one of their Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies, which had a gooey molten center that put us in a trance. Founder Sarah Silverman definitely mastered the art of unique, delicious, and totally Instagram worthy desserts. 

Read more about Funny Face Bakery here 

Mini Melanie

Founded by sisters Melanie and Diana Moss, Mini Melanie’s treats are the perfect balance of both a luxurious and delicious gift for any occasion. Between cake truffles, layer cakes, cake pops, brownies, and cookie cakes, you will have no problem finding the perfect dessert for your next get-together. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake Pop is everything you can possibly dream about. Filled with chocolate chips and hand dipped in dark chocolate, you will be thinking about this for days on end.  

Read more about Mini Melanie here

MODE Cosmetics

A family business running since 1966, sisters Jennifer Isaac and Cristina Samuels are the latest to take on the family business. If you’re a makeup lover and a foodie, you will LOVE the lip glaze flavors they sell. One of their newest additions, the Cookie Dough Lip Glaze, is our go-to for obvious reasons. Just be careful not to take a bite! 

Read more about MODE Cosmetics here

Candy Club

Who doesn't love candy? Since 2014, Candy Club has specialized in creating premium candies that are perfect for kids, and even more nostalgic for adults. While you can buy the candy individually, Candy Club also offers a monthly subscription box where you can get assorted candy delivered to your doorstep every month! (Count us in!) We couldn’t get enough of their Cookie Dough Bites, which are coated in milk chocolate and will melt in your mouth. The jars are the perfect gift to give to any candy lover in your life. 

Read more about Candy Club here


Perfect for the upcoming summer weather, CoolHaus has the ultimate selection of treats to indulge in. With ice cream pints, cones, and sandwiches - you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Their cookie dough collection brings us the most nostalgic taste, and will have you reminiscing on your younger years. Founders Natasha Case and Freya Estrella have perfected the art of designing unique flavors in a dessert we all know and love. 

Read more about CoolHaus here

JARS By Dani 

If you’re anything like us, we snack on cake everyday because we always have something to celebrate. Founder Dani Beckerman cultivated her creativity and love for baking and came up with the most unique way of serving cake - layered in a mason jar! It’s delicious, different, and the easiest way to eat cake on the go. Her signature cookie dough jar is layered with cookie dough bites, chocolate mousse, fudge brownies, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. Who ever said cookie dough and cake can’t be intertwined!? 

Read more about JARS By Dani here 

We can’t wait to celebrate National Cookie Dough Day with you next year! Only 344 days to go!

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