Paint These Dessert-Inspired Pumpkins for Halloween


I love all things pumpkin spice, but even I, a pumpkin advocate get a little annoyed when fall flavors start creeping into summer (yes! August is summer!). So we hold off on pumpkin anything at the shop until October.   

Now that October 1 is here I’m ready to dive head first into pumpkin time! Order up a batch of our Pumpkin Nutella Chip and prepare to create the sweetest pumpkins on your block.  

Pumpkin carving causes a major mess and attracts some unwanted guests. To every jack-o-lantern there are at least a dozen squirrels waiting to pounce. So I stick to decorating and painting my pumpkins. I love a classic gold sparkle or painting pumpkins in rainbow pastels (just like the mixing bowls in my shop!).  


cookie dough pumpkins

Donut Pumpkins 

Dessert-inspired pumpkins bring together my favorite things fall and sweets. I went absolutely crazy for these donut painted pumpkins from Studio DIY. When I make them I’m going to add a bit of sparkle to the sprinkles.  


image of pumpkin decorated as cookie monster

Cookie Monster Pumpkin 

My favorite monster of all isn’t the scary Halloween kind, it’s Cookie Monster of course! Who knew my favorite blue guy was the perfect pumpkin inspiration?! A pile of perfect chocolate chip cookies is the ultimate compliment to this not-so-scary monster pumpkin. You know I’d bake my own, but I won’t tell anyone if you buy them from the store.  


image of pumpkins as ice cream PHOTOGRAPHY BY: MIKE KRAUTTER

Ice Cream Cone Pumpkin 

I never thought a dessert fail could be so cute but Queen Martha herself proved me wrong with this pumpkin theme. Two pumpkins become the cutest ruined ice cream cone you ever did see! This mint chip inspiration is adorable. But, I think I’d make my flavors strawberry and chocolate. What about you?  

Send me all your sweet pumpkins at @kristentomlan or @cookiedoNYC maybe we’ll share our favorites!  

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