The DŌ Guide To Thanksgiving Self Care


Ahh, here we are, the most wonderful time of the year! We're gearing up to see lots of family and friends, to travel near and far, and to mess with our sleep schedule and normal routines. It's true, the holidays are fun but they can also be pretty stressful. These are our favorite sweet things for those times when we need to relax and unwind during Thanksgiving travel. 

You know that moment when you close yourself in your childhood bedroom and you're pretty sure you have 15 minutes before all your nieces and nephews discover where you've been. These things are for those 15 minutes.

Fall Cookie Dough 

A 4-pack of dough means there is some for the family, and some for you! Bring the fall flavors like Apple Pie and Pumpkin Chip to the Thanksgiving table and save yourself the classics like Signature Chocolate Chip and Cake Batter for when you get home from your Turkey Day adventures.

Plus, now through Friday our Thanksgiving 4-pack is 15% off with code THANKS15. 

A Soft & Silky Sleep Mask 

image of sleeping mask

Between long plane flights and your childhood twin-sized bed, sleep can be elusive when traveling for the holidays. This Slip silk sleep mask blocks out the light while being gentle on your skin. Plus in this pink leopard print, you'll look chic while catching a sweet cat nap just about anywhere. 

Super Sweet Lip Scrub 

image of lip scrub

Of course I love this lip scrub, the secret ingredient is basically running through my veins: brown sugar! This time of year most of us are headed somewhere cold, pretty cold, or very cold. (If you're going somewhere warm, take me with you!! I'll be freezing at home in Ohio.) Throw in a super dry airplane flight or long car ride without enough water, and you've written a recipe for lip disaster. This lip scrub keeps your lips moisturized and flake-free, just how you like them. 

A Cupcake For Your Face 

Nothing says self care like a face mask. It's like a big billboard saying, "I'm relaxing over here!!" the entire time you're wearing it. This Cupcake Face Mask from Lush is made with real cocoa powder and cooling peppermint extract. It's soothing and sweet just like the best parts of the holidays should be! 

Sugar Cookie Gets Lit 

image of candle

A burning candle instantly makes any room feel cozy and any bath feel spa-like. Add in the scent of freshly-baked sugar cookies and you're unwinding DŌ-style. I'm obsessed with these candles from Nest because they last forever and they come in sizes small enough to tuck into the corner of any room. One day they'll make sugar cookie DOUGH scent, until that wonful day I'll stick with my sugar cookie candles. 

Traveling Yoga Zen 

image of yoga mat

One of the quickest ways for me to de-stress is a short yoga session. This travel yoga mat is extra-light so it's easy to travel with while still being durable enough for the most advanced yogis. Plus, how cute is the carrying case? With a name like "Sugarmat" I am instantly a fan of this brand!

Now, get your self-care kit together, take a deep breath, and get ready for a relaxing, and cookie-dough-filled Thanksgiving. Don't forget to #showusyourdo at your holiday table and you could win a prize!

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