The DŌ Team is So Thankful This Year!


It's that time of year when we think about all the sweet things that we're thankful for in our lives. The team took the time to write it all down! The thing we're all most thankful for? All of YOU! We love creating doughlicious moments all year round but right now we're especially grateful for the opportunity to serve our fans (and friends!). 

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"I'm thankful for my support system - my kickass team, my superstar husband, my much-needed friends, and my loving family!!! I couldn't do what I do without them ALL!" - Kristen Tomlan, Founder & CEO

"This year, I am thankful for my health and for an incredibly supportive and loving circle of family and friends. I also feel truly blessed to not only have a job, but one in which I'm surrounded by such a powerful and inspiring group of women who know how to work hard and provide me with lots of laughs." - Rikki Conte, Director of Events & Operations

"I am thankful for all the cookies I can eat everyday! (But *really* I'm thankful for my family, friends, and Royce and Nelly.)" - Brianna Gerbino, Executive Pastry Chef

"I'm thankful for my dogs!! Being able to go back home to Florida when New York gets too cold." - Luciana Cappillo , Marketing & E-Commerce Coordinator 

"I'm thankful for 1) being heard and seen in a company, 2)the ability and encouragement to spear-head my own projects 3) and fellow co-workers who I can call friends who celebrate the small achievements." - Alexandra Villalón, E-commerce & Production Coordinator 

"I'm thankful for living in a city as crazy as NYC. I've had so many amazing opportunities in the last year from DŌ's first cookbook to walking my dog past the Statue of Liberty every day and I try not to forget it!" - Mandy Naglich, Director of Content Strategy 

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