frequently asked questions

is your dough really safe to eat unbaked?

You heard us right! Finally, a safe-to-eat cookie dough that you don’t have to pretend you are going to bake! All ingredients in each of our delicious, homemade recipes are safe to consume just as they are – unbaked. We give you peace of mind, allowing you to eat a piece of cookie dough heaven how you like it best.

are your products available for private events?

Of course! Our team will work with you to create a perfect solution for your party. Check out our Instagram for some ideas and email for more information.  There is a $100 minimum for catering. Please note: All insurance requirements must be requested 14 days prior to the event date.

can I buy a gift card?

Our gift cards are available for purchase online! Click here to order gift cards.

can you donate to my charitable event / cause?

Please fill out this form here.

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but doesn’t cookie dough contain eggs?

For products that typically contain eggs, we use a pasteurized egg product. The heat process kills any potentially harmful bacteria. Yay! You can enjoy all our cookie dough products unbaked.

what about the flour you use? is it raw?

We're glad you asked! We use a heat-treated, ready-to-eat flour. At last, worry-free treats you can dig right into! YAY! 

can I travel with my cookie dough?

our safe-to-eat cookie dough should be stored in the fridge or freezer. If traveling, we recommend freezing it ahead of time and sticking it in a cooler or freezer bag when in transit. You can purchase ice packs and insulated bags at our scoop shop. If flying, we recommend freezing ahead of time and checking your cookie dough with your checked luggage, beneath the plane, where it is colder and is not subject to TSA screening. We are unable to reimburse you for cookie dough that has been taken by TSA.

how should I store my cookie dough? how long will it last?

our cookie dough must be stored in the refrigerator or freezer because it contains perishable ingredients without any additives or preservatives. If refrigerated, our dough lasts up to three weeks – good luck keeping it around that long! If frozen, it should be consumed within three months. 

what is the best way to keep baked cookies?

Baked cookies are best stored in an airtight container and should stay chewy and delicious for up to two weeks. They will last up to three months if frozen and will be just as tasty when you thaw them to serve!

how many cookies does one cookie dough container bake?

If you have somehow resisted the urge to eat the whole unbaked tub and want to bake your cookie dough instead, do so in a preheated 350 degree oven for 10-12 minutes or until your desired doneness is achieved. Our 8oz container will bake about 6-8 cookies.

can we buy your cookies already baked? what about cookie cakes?

YES! We sell baked cookies and custom cookie dough cakes. You can even build your own flavor if you want! We promise they will be a fan favorite at any event as well as be the perfect gift! Our 8x8 cakes feed about 9 people. Order online for pick-up or contact for more information.


is your store kosher?

We are excited to announce that our shop is certified under the National Kosher Supervision. Our Kosher certificate can be found by clicking here. Please note the Signature Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie mixes are not certified kosher. 

do your products contain nuts?

Some of our cookie dough flavors do contain nuts. We can point you in the right direction if you have an allergy. For those who have a severe allergy, be aware we manufacture in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts.

are your products vegan?

We offer our chocolate chip in vegan, and our peanut butter snickerdoodle is naturally vegan (and gluten-free, too)! 

what about gluten-free?

Brookie dough, cake batter, and signature chocolate chip come in a gluten-free option, and our peanut butter snickerdoodle is gluten-free also!

do you have anything that is vegan and gluten-free?

Our peanut butter snickerdoodle is vegan & gluten-free! Ask to sample it in our new shop!


do you offer nationwide shipping?

YES! View our options here! 

do you ship outside the country?

At this time, we are unable to ship outside the country. 

do you ship your baked goods and other cookie dough treats?

Yes! We now ship our cookies and cookie cakes. You can check them out here. Stop by the shop to try out some of our other treats or order ahead for pickup!

how soon can I receive my cookie dough?

CookieDO NYC

what if I want my order to arrive on a certain date?

Choose your preferred delivery using the calendar on the cart page! Please note this is available on most but not all our products.

what if I want cookie dough sooner?

We ship your cookie dough as soon as possible, which can be delivered 3-5 business days after the order is placed.  Please plan ahead when planning for a certain date or event!

how do you ship your cookie dough?

Because of the perishable nature of our product, we take every precaution in making sure that it arrives safely and ready to eat. In order to do that, we ship it on ice in an insulated container for delivery. Read more on our shipping policies here!  

can I order for delivery?

You can order delivery within Manhattan on Grubhub and Uber Eats!

what is route protection?

Route package protection is added at checkout to protect your order in case of delays or lost/stolen packages.

what if I don't want route protection?

No worries! If you do not want to protect your order, you can uncheck the box at checkout or remove the "route protection" item from your cart.

I bought route & my package didn't arrive, what do I do?

Just file a claim here and we will help you.


can I use more than one discount code at checkout?

No, you can not. Only one discount code is valid at checkout. 

does living in a different timezone affect when I can use discount or promotional codes?

Yes, it does! The majority of our promotions end on midnight EST. Please make sure you take note when our promotions are valid until. 

is there anything I should know about the 'spin the wheel' discount codes?

Yes! The free product codes are valid with purchase only. The product must be added to cart for the code to work. Free shipping is only valid on standard shipping rates. Each code is only valid one time per customer.

are discount codes eligible to be used on everything?

Unfortunately no, certain discount codes have specific limitations. Discount codes are not valid on classes, gift cards, catering orders, subscriptions or past purchases.

are the free shipping promos applicable on everything?

Free shipping is not applicable on our heat-treated flour products, catering orders or gift cards.