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S’more Themed Recipes for Summer Bonfires

Although we hate to say it, summer is coming to an end soon. That means we’ll be soaking up all the sun and outdoor activities including one last big bonfire! We all know that a bonfire isn’t complete without some melty, toasty, gooey, sticky s’mores. But why just stop at the “traditional” way to serve a s’more? We have options to elevate this classic summer dessert - with or without the bonfire!

Gimme S’more Dough/Cookies

When in doubt, our fan-favorite Gimme S’more dough flavor is always a great spin on a classic. Made with our signature base, our Gimme S’more also has chopped Hershey bar, toasted marshmallows (yes, the char is necessary), and crunchy-cinnamon-y graham crackers. So if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop so you don’t have to buy all the ingredients, look no further! 

Pro-tip: this flavor is INSANE baked into cookies, so bring on the extra gooey-ness and pop them in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 350°F. Pick it up in-store or add it to your pack for nationwide shipping here.

Gimme S'more Dough

Ooey Gooey S’mores Bar Recipe

The only thing we don’t love about making s’mores is the fact that you have to make them one by one (ugh!). If you’re feeding a group and want the same s’mores goodness you know and love, but don't want to be a slave to the campfire, these s’mores bars are for you. You’ll get all the nostalgia you could ever want in one delicious bite! You can find the complete recipe here.

Ooey Gooey S'mores Bars

Cookie Dough Stuffed S'mores

Is it really a nostalgic dessert without a layer of cookie dough? Didn’t think so. Grab all the standard s’mores ingredients PLUS my Signature Chocolate Chip cookie dough for an extra helping of chocolate, brown sugar, and happiness! Snag a container of Signature Chocolate Chip online or in-store, or get the full recipe in my cookbook: Hello, Cookie Dough.

Cookie Dough Stuffed S'mores

S'mores Skillet

Last but not least, this glow up is for those of you that believe sharing truly is caring. This time around, you’re going to make my stuffed skillet cookie, but go ahead and fill the center with milk chocolate and marshmallows. Bake it to perfection, add some ice cream on top, and DIG IN. Use a spoon, or be the genius that you are and grab some graham crackers and get to scooping!

Cookie Dough Stuffed Skillet

Are you planning on trying one of these s’mores ideas? We want to see them! Take a picture and tag us on Instagram at @cookiedonyc and @kristentomlan!