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Cookie Dough Guaranteed to Match Your Favorite Movie

Most people like watching movies with popcorn, over here at DŌ we rather have a nice bowl of cookie dough (pro tip: Karen’s Killer Karamel Korn found in Hello, Cookie Dough is a good compromise if you’re feeling krazy!)

The Breakfast Club: Dunkadōo

The Breakfast Club: Deleted scene shows Molly Ringwald and Ally ...image of Dunkadoo cookie dough 
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When the nostalgia hits, you gotta pair it with our own nostalgic flavor that will bring you back to those angsty teenage days. 

The Lion King: Fluffernutter 

image of Hakuna Matataimage of gimme s'mores
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Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your days. How we feel about Fluffernutter - a synergistic combination of flavors that make you wonder how you went so long without them.

Clueless: Sugar Cookie

image of cluelessimage of sugar cookie
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Nothing screams “ugh, as if!” more than Sugar Cookie. A bit of a snob as she’s often the base of a lot of our popular flavors but will give you all the Cher vibes as you enjoy the 90’s classic.

Titanic - Heavenly

image of titanicimage of heavenly
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Leonardo DiCaprio. Is there anything else we need to say?

Bring It On - Commandō

15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Bring It On / Zabawa | Wskazówki ...image of commando
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Commandō is Signature Chocolate Chip without the chips, the perfect base (necessary in cheerleading!). It pairs great with the OG cheerleader movie that started it all. 

Shrek - Gimme S'more

image of Shrek Movieimage of gimme s'mores
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You know, ogres are like cookie dough, they have layers. With hershey bar pieces, graham crackers and toasted marshmallow, Shrek would not be able to keep his hands off of it. Pretend you’re Shrek and Donkey in the woods with our take on the campfire classic. 

Legally Blonde - Cake Batter

image of legally blondeimage of cake batter
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You need Cake Batter to celebrate all the important feats in life. Getting dressed, getting promoted, getting into Harvard. What? Like, it’s hard?

Spider-man - Oatmeal M&M

image of spidermanimage of oatmeal m&m
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This might be a controversial topic, often-forgotten Oatmeal M&M is one of our best flavors and a team favorite. It reminds us of a nerdy misfit that ends up saving the world. You won’t regret giving this flavor a chance. 

Mean Girls - Salty & Sweet

image of mean girls movieimage of salty & sweet
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Remember when Cady was sweet but then turned salty real quick? TBH, cookie dough is the only thing that will always be there for you and will never steal your boyfriend.

The Notebook - Signature Chocolate Chip 

image of The Notebook movieimage of chocolate chip
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The notebook is one of those classic movies that you have to watch with your girlfriends every couple months. A girls night heals all wounds but try taking it to another level with a bowl of our comforting Signature Chocolate Chip. 

Inception - Nuts for Nuts

Image of Inception movieImage of nuts for nuts
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Inception is a movie that will have you questioning everything you think you know, including why you haven’t tried Nuts for Nuts yet! What’s better than a peanut butter overload when psyching yourself out. 

Bridesmaids - Brookie Dough

Image of Bridesmaids movieimage of brookie dough
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Also on our list of girls night classics, is Brookie- two of our favorite flavors swirled together for a dōlicious yet slightly chaotic energy similar to that of Bridesmaids.

Harry Potter Collection - Chocolate Dream

Image of Harry PotterImage of chocolate dream
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A magical combination of brownie batter and oreo cookies goes perfectly for when you want to leave reality and binge-watch all of the Harry Potter movies. 

What do you guys think? Does your favorite movie match your favorite flavor? 

P.S. You can learn to make any of these flavors yourself in Hello, Cookie Dough or get one of our packs here!